Last Man Standing Competition

Fancy yourself as a top manager or indeed a pundit? Now’s your chance, for a one off payment of £10, in our fun last man standing fundraiser!

Our competition will be based on the English Premier league matches and will commence weekend of 26th September – We will give the winning player half the takings!

To enter please download via the App – TIPPD, Last Man Standing which is available for iPhone and Android or simply go into the link and Join the Forfar Farmington game……………make sure you challenge your friends and invite them too!

Payment can be made via our PayPal link – please ensure that payment is made at the same time as joining the game on.  When making the payment can you also add your full name in the “add a note” section so we can tie the names up against the app.

For those not familiar with LMS, our rules are as follows -these can also be read in the “Help” section of the app/site

  1. Each round, you simply select one team to win – if your team Wins, you are through to the next round. If your team draws or loses you’re out!
  2. Once you lock in your pick for a round, you cannot change it
  3. Once you have selected a team you cannot use that team again within the LMS competition – so choose wisely!
  4. If you forget to pick a team, you can only remain in the game if all other remaining players in that round pick a losing team! – maybe pick teams for a few weeks in advance to save forgetting.
  5. The game continues until there is only player left who is declared the winner
  6. If 2 players remain in a round and neither pick a winner, the game continues
  7. If there are no more matches left in a season, the remaining players are declared joint winners and the pot will be split equally
  8. If all players draw or lose their selected matches in the same round, all of those remaining players continue to the next round
  9. If a match is Abandoned, Cancelled or Postponed, and you selected that team in the round, it is deemed a win and you move on to next round.

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