Club Adopt GPS Tracking with Playertek

After extensive testing The Club are pleased to be working with Playertek, based in Ireland, whose GPS units will be worn primarily by our #SWPL1 squad but in testing have already been utilised by selected Academy players.
Ewan Greenhill, Farmington’s Head of Sports Science and Medicine, said: “As a team, we see GPS monitoring as a very useful tool. The results we get, both from training and matches, help us to objectively quantify how are players are performing, and combined with our other monitoring tools, we can make informed coaching decisions. The product Playertek have designed and developed is lightweight, reliable, and simple to use but retaining the quality of product we wish to be working with.”
The GPS units will primarily be used to help Head Coach Mark Nisbet during the newly restructured SWPL set up but as part of the Youth Sports Science Plan Academy teams will be exposed to the tool also. The Head Coach commented, “We have been very impressed with the system and their support through our trial. This will be a massive aid in our individual player and team development in the future”.
Playertek also work with Celtic, who Nisbet’s side face this Sunday at K-Park Stadium.