Midfielder Feels Time Was Right To Return Home

Laura Parsley reckons it was the right move for her as she returned to Forfar Farmington for her third spell following her return from America.

The 20 year old midfielder originally moved to the States in 2014 and after playing for South Georgia State College and Lincoln Memorial University, Parsley feels the time is right to rejoin Mark Nisbet’s side in their bid to return to SWPL1 at the first attempt.

Parsley also had a short spell back at Farmington in the summer of 2015 and admits that while she enjoyed her time in America, she struggled with bouts of homesickness which led to her returning to Scotland before the festive season.

“It feels great to have rejoined Forfar. It’s good being back!”

“The move back to the club came about after discussions with Mark Nisbet. Kev Candy contacted me when I decided to come back to Scotland for good. He said he saw something on social media and he wanted me to give Mark a phone to discuss what my situation was and if I’d consider joining Forfar again. I felt that rejoining Forfar Farmington was the best move for me at this point in my career.”

She continued: “I had a great time across in America being a part of a college team in Georgia and a University team in Tennessee. It’s been a great experience, however I started to find it harder being away from home so it has been good being able to see my friends and family.”

Having experienced the styles of play in both countries, Parsley considers the styles to be almost the same, although feels the attitudes vary slightly.

“I would say that the game is played the same in America compared to here but it takes a while for your body to condition to the heat. I think that Americans think football is like track and they don’t realise that the ball moves faster, they basically just like to run around. The transitions from the defence to attackers is also a lot smoother here than it is in America.”

Parsley hopes she can add to her 22 appearances as the squad look to quickly bounce back from relegation and the midfielder believes she can make an impression on her return.

“I would really love to see the club bounce back to SWPL1 at the first attempt and I think I’ll play a decent amount in getting them back to that level. I think we have a great team at the moment and they are a great group of girls. I’m looking forward to playing with them and seeing what we can do this season.”